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We are pleased to offer the following singing calls for sale online. Each entry provides a cue sheet as well as a sample for the vocal, instrumental, and version with background vocals if such a version exists. Click on the Listen to ... link below for the item of interest, and then the appropriate musical sample link. This will open in another tab (or window) so that you can peruse the CUE SHEET while the song sample is playing.

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Tuesday July 25, 2017
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SD348 - On My Way

SD348 On My Way


From the 2003 Disney animated feature, Brother Bear, comes this happy song written and performed by Phil Collins. Though never released as a single, the song is featured prominently in the movie as the bear cub Koda joyfully sings about going to new places, meeting new friends, and sleeping under the stars. While the voice actor for Koda, Jeremy Suarez, sings the tune initially, it’s also sung by Phil Collins later on in the film. Pat Carnathan played the keyboard parts on this singing call and Jim MacDonald performed some truly amazing guitar work. During the closer, Mike Haworth plays banjo. The always-wonderful Hunter Keller sang the lead for us on this tune.

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SD347 - You Can't Run From Love

SD347 You Can't Run From Love


This classic by the late Eddie Rabbitt was released in 1983. Written by Eddie Rabbitt and his frequent collaborators Even Stevens and David Malloy, it was his twelfth number-one single and spent thirteen weeks on the country charts. The singing call features an arrangement and keyboards by Pat Carnathan and guitars by Jim MacDonald. Hunter Keller provides a luscious harmony, and the tune is sold both with and without the background vocal.

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SD346 - Pink Cadillac

SD346 Pink Cadillac


Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 classic was released as the B-side of the “Dancing in the Dark” record. Though it stayed on the charts for 14 weeks and peaked at #27, the song is a staple of The Boss’ concerts and one of the most frequently requested tunes. This singing call is based on the cover by the band Southern Pacific and it combines the straight-ahead rock of the original with a little bit of southern rock. Pat Carnathan arranged the tune and lent his keyboard skills while Jim MacDonald played several guitar parts and Ty Barnes played the drums. The singing call comes with a music track as well as a second track featuring amazing backup vocals by Mike Haworth, Shauna Kaaria and Vic Kaaria.

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SD345 - I Love a Rainy Night

SD345 I Love A Rainy Night


Eddie Rabbitt, Even Stevens and David Malloy wrote this song and it was featured on Rabbitt’s 1980 album, Horizons. Eddie Rabbitt died in 1998, but this song, speaking of a man’s fondness for a rainy evening and the promise of a new, sunny day is an enduring favorite. Not only reaching the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles, it succeeded Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Songs. This was the last time back-to-back country songs reached the #1 spot on this chart. The tune was Rabbitt’s eighth of seventeen chart-topping tunes. The singing call was arranged by Pat Carnathan and was a staple of the Shakedown Band. Pat played keyboards, Jim MacDonald played guitars and Ty Barnes played drums. You’ll hear luscious harmonies from Vic Kaaria and Mike Haworth and you’ll receive the instrumental track both with harmonies and without harmonies.

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SD344 - Kansas City Lights

SD344 Kansas City Lights


This Steve Wariner classic was released in 1982 and peaked at #15 on the country charts. With the United States fighting wars on several fronts the song has experienced a resurgence in popularity as it speaks about a service member longing for the lights of home. Behind Hunter Keller’s lead vocal you’ll hear Pat Carnathan’s keyboards, Jim MacDonald’s multiple guitars and Ty Barnes on the drums. Mike Haworth and Shauna Kaaria provide background vocals that can also be found on a supplemental instrumental track

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