Pat Carnathan — Riverside Single Swingers Class

Mainstream class, started September 3, 2019
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Norton Younglove Community Center, 459 Center St., Riverside CA

The calls taught each night will be posted here.


September 17th, 2019 Circle Family, Forward and Back, Dosado, Swing, Promenade Family, Allemande Family, Arm Turns, Right and Left Grand Family, Pass Thru, Half Sashay Family, Courtesy Turn, Ladies Chain Family, Veer Family, Bend the Line, Right and Left Thru, Grand Square, Star Thru, California Twirl, Dive Thru, Double Pass Thru
September 24th, 2019 Review
October 1st, 2019 Box the Gnat, Walk Around the Corner, See Saw, Separate, Split Two
October 8th, 2019 Square Thru
October 15th, 2019 Do Paso, Lead Right, Circle to a Line
October 22nd, 2019 Ocean Wave Family, Swing Thru, Run Family
October 31st, 2019 Alamo Style
November 5th, 2019 Pass the Ocean, Trade Family
November 12th, 2019 Extend, Wheel and Deal, Chain Down the Line
November 19th, 2019 First Couple Left, Next Couple Right, Zoom, Flutterwheel Family, Sweep A Quarter, Touch 1/4, Hinge Family
November 26th, 2019 Review
December 3rd, 2019 Trade By, Ferris Wheel, Cloverleaf
December 10th, 2019 Eight Chain Thru
December 17th, 2019 Pass to the Center
December 24th, 2019 Dark
December 31st, 2019 Dark
January 7th, 2020 Centers In/Out, Cast Off 3/4
January 14th, 2020 Spin the Top, Walk and Dodge
January 21st, 2020 Slide Thru
January 28th, 2020 Fold Family, Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
February 4th, 2020 Spin Chain Thru
February 11th, 2020 Tag the Line, Half Tag
February 18th, 2020 Scoot Back, Recycle